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This arrangement features a beautifully crafted, handmade planter that showcases an olive tree and accompanying ground covers. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the planter exudes a rustic charm with its carefully selected wood and intricate construction.

Inside the planter, you'll find an elegant olive tree that stands tall and graceful, with its slender branches and silver-green leaves creating a striking visual display. Surrounding the tree, a selection of tastefully chosen ground covers adds depth and vibrancy to the overall composition.

Perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to any setting, this planted planter with an olive tree and ground covers will be a stunning addition to gardens, patios, or even indoor spaces. Its handmade craftsmanship, coupled with the delicate foliage and lush ground covers, creates an inviting and visually captivating focal point that will surely impress.

Planter with olive tree and ground covers.

£250.00 Regular Price
£199.00Sale Price
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