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Garden Design

With a degree in ornamental planting, garden design and over 10 years of experience in landscaping and garden maintenance, we will work with you to balance creative ideas with functionality.


Our comprehensive design service can help you visualise your garden before any landscaping or planting work begins, ensuring all elements flow perfectly together.


We offer bespoke designs and sketches suitable for a range of budgets and work with you to ensure the resulting design encompasses your vision for your garden.

Garden design Packages

Mini Package 


An affordable option to help you begin your design journey. This package is perfect for the design of one element*

A site survey 

2D Hand or computer drawn sketch

3D element visuals

One revision

10 days post design support

Medium Package 


If you're looking to re-design more than one element, this is the package for you, offering both a concept and planting plan.

A site survey 

2D garden concept plan

One garden element

Three 3D element visuals

Two revisions

15 days post design support

Superior Package


The superior package will provide all the details you need to prepare for a full garden renovation project.

A site survey 

Mood board

2D garden concept plan

Detailed elevations

Three garden element designs

Planting plan

Planting list

Five 3D element visuals

3D garden walkthrough video

Three revisions

20 days post design support

* An element may refer to: A planter design, A specific aspect of landscape design or The addition of a feature to the garden.

Planting Plan 


If you'd like to go with the mini package, but feel a planting plan may help complete your design, select this add-on when you contact us. 

The add-on includes: 

2D planting plan

3D visualisation images

Planting plan

If you're looking to re-design more than one element, this is the package for you. 

Our medium package offers both a garden concept design and a planting plan.

1 x concept option

1 x planting plan and list 

A site survey 

2 x revisions 

1 x 2D design 

4 x 3D visualisation images

Material ideas

Design Revision


Our mini and medium packages offer one revision, but sometimes this may not feel like enough. 

If you'd like the opportunity for further revision of your design, you can select this add-on for more design time.

Element Addition


Our mini package offers a concept design specific to one element in your garden. 

If you'd like to incorporate a second element, without all the extras the medium and superior packages offer, you can add one element on to your design.

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