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Your garden should be a place where you can enjoy and feel nature around you. So, why not consider decking - a durable, hard-wearing and natural look for your outdoor space.

No matter the size of your garden or yard, we have everything a decking collection to suit any style.

All of our decking is designed with you in mind. As NeoTimber approved installers, we source only the highest quality decking,  designed and curated in the UK. We provide the best possible value for money, with a range of options available.

We also have variety of colors, accessories and choices for you. So, we can give you decking system that genuinely suits your home, garden and yourself.


Every garden needs a boundary. A new fence will enhance the windbreak, security and privacy of your outdoor space. Gardenio Fence installation offers a wide range of options, offering the opportunity to select the style that suits you. We provide only the highest quality fencing, as will all our materials. The fencing provided by Gardenio fencing is designed and manufactured to meet the hardest environmental conditions, making it durable for many years to come.

Unlike some of the traditional fencing alternatives, Gardenio's fencing installation is made to last, and will not require sudden replacement or ongoing regular maintenance.​

We offer all styles of fencing from simple panel fencing to more complex ones. You have the choice of timber or concrete posts and we can design your fence to fit in with exactly what you envisage.


​Stunning paving can make a real difference to your garden, whether lending a touch of class to your outdoor area, or providing safe walkways for students and staff at school. It’s essential to use an experienced company you can trust, as cheaply-maintained paving will not only look bad, but can be harmful, leaving people open to the risk of injury.​


That’s where Gardenio comes in. Our experienced and hardworking team prides itself on attention to detail and is always ready to deliver the best service possible.


​Don’t worry – our specialist paving team will be delighted to provide advice and let you know all of the choices available. This ensures you can make the best choice for your home and your budget. 


Artificial grass is the perfect choice for those looking for a low maintenance option, while still maintaining greenery in your ourdoor space.

Durable, hard-wearing and ideal for homes with children, artificial grass has a range of benefits.


 Our team of experienced and hardworking professionals pride themselves on their attention to detail and, with years of experience, will ensure that the installation process runs as it should. 



It will come as no surprise that Gardenio provides  turfing as well. Yes, we do it all.


When it comes to re-turing, we work in the following way:


We remove the current grass and improve the soil condition. Then, we level the area and lay new turf.


We can also give you some ideas on how to maintain your lawn going forward, and with all the equipment and experience neccessary, will ensure the process runs seamlessly. 


We work with established suppliers, providing timely deliveries of high quality top soil and turf.  

We will always give the best price per sqm we can.


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