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          Garden Design

  • Not sure how to make your garden beautiful?

  • Don't know what plants to choose for your garden, flower borders, pots and planters?

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You can count on us, to turn your garden design projects into pieces of heaven on earth in west and SW London.


We offer elegant picture designs, planting plans, planting lists, garden visualisation, 2D Garden designs or 3D Garden designs and even walk-through garden design so you can get a full-scope view of everything included in garden design.


Enjoy the satisfaction of a professional garden design, delivered by a qualified garden designer at Gardenio.

Passion and Quality are first when it comes to the services we provide.


We work together with our customers, using our trusted knowledge to bring their ideas to life. Please browse the list below to learn more about what we offer.

Design Over Picture

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2D/3D Garden design

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Planting plan/Planting list

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How does garden design work?

It's simple:
  • Choose the type of design you would like.

  • Garden designers will require a brief of your project, photographs, inspiration, measurements and pictures of your garden (driveway, patio area, decking, borders, etc.).

  • Receive a computer-generated image of your project or plant list (pdf file) that you will be able to view in the own comfort of your home.

Garden designs are driven by client requirements, combined with the best simple solution. Our landscape gardens have an eye-catching and straightforward design with a natural, organic feel. We are plant-focused. We will outline a garden design or project that will help you imagine your future garden.

We can also design a 3D project before starting the project. So, you can see how the garden will look after construction or reconstruction. The project will show updated design, plants, architectural details and other essential aspects. 

Our whole garden design service means that you find everything in one place. We will design and organise the overall construction of the garden, plants, and consultation on any lighting ideas, furniture, garden buildings, and play with ideas to achieve the best results. ​


We work with you to ensure the resulting design fulfils your thoughts, staying in touch throughout the process to ensure that your investment is worth it. Gardenio can help you create a uniquely beautiful and bespoke garden design perfectly integrated with your home, whether classical or traditional. ​


Having a clean and professional garden design in your hands will give you all the ideas you need to build your dream garden.

About our garden designs

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