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5 questions to ask yourself before laying a new patio

A new patio can transform your outdoor area, but there are some important questions to ask yourself before embarking on any landscaping project. Here we take a look at the key considerations you'll need to take into account.

How do you envision using your new patio?

The purpose of your new patio is the first key question to consider. Will this be a place to sit and catch some sun, or a place to entertain guests at home?

The direction the sun reaches your London garden may influence where the patio is created. If the space you choose is at the back of the garden, how will you reach the space? Stepping stones or a pathway are both possibilities, depending on the look you'd like to go for.

You'll also need to think about the size of the space, depending on whether you'd like some simple seating or multiple sets of furniture. If you have established plants or a view you're particularly fond of, you may want to factor this into your design.

Where are the utilities located?

Having an understanding of the utilities available both above and underground will be important if you have plans for an outdoor kitchen or a water feature.

Information about where utilities are will help your landscaping team create the most functional patio for your garden.

What access is available?

The access available will influence the cost of your patio. Excavation and surface preparation will result in a lot of material that needs to be removed and disposed of, and the more difficult the access, the higher the labour costs may be.

What style of patio do you like?

The style you choose comes largely down to individual preference, but there are pros and cons to different paving you may wish to consider:

Porcelain is strong, hard-wearing and non porous. This makes it more stain resistant than other materials and the slabs are resistant to changes in temperature.

Sandstone is a natural product which makes it an eco-friendly choice for your garden. With high porosity, your sandstone paving will require care over time to prevent staining. Regular maintenance using a pressure washer typically works well for your patio care.With a wide range of colour hues available, sandstone offers a natural look for your outdoor space.

Does you patio vision align with your budget?

Budget plays a key part in the ultimate design and style of your patio, and knowing your budget in advance of finalising your patio project will help your landscaper streamline suggestions and put together a proposal that works for you.

We are always happy to discuss options and to talk through design ideas. Just send us an email to to find out more.

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