Looking for professional garden design to install a new patio? How about finding the best place for your find stone planters?  Want to build amazing walkways and pavements? If yes, we are here to help immediately! Enjoy the satisfaction of availing professional garden design delivered by qualified garden design professionals at Gardenio. Count on us to turn your commercial and domestic garden design projects into pieces of heaven on earth in west London. We offer walk-through garden design so you can get a full-scope view of everything included in garden design. 


All of our design work is led by your requirements, combined with our quality. Our gardens tend to have an eye catching design with a natural, organic feel rather than anything that is over designed. We are quite plant-focused. We will outline a garden design or  project that will help you to imagine your future garden.

We can also design a 3D project before starting the project. So, you can see how the garden will look after  construction or reconstruction. The project will show updated design, plants, architectural details and all other important aspects. 

Our whole garden design service means that you find everything in one place. We not only organize the design, but also overall construction of the garden, plants and consultation on any lighting ideas, furniture, garden buildings and play with ideas that may be required for best results.​


We work with you to ensure that the resulted design fulfills your thoughts, staying in touch throughout the whole process to make sure that your investment is completely paid off. Gardenio can help you create a uniquely beautiful and be-spoke garden design perfectly integrated with you home, whether it is classical or traditional.​


Having a clean and professional garden design in your hands will give you all the ideas you need to build your dream garden.​

Planting plan

Planning your flowerbeds and borders is as important as to have garden design. I can  prepare a detailed plan or sketch for any flower bed or border you have in mind. I select the right plants for your garden or chosen border according to the conditions 

Garden design

We provide different types of designs for different budges. We can do: 

  • Simple sketch (computer or hand drawing),

  • Design over photo,

  • 2 D or 3 D designs,

  • Walk-through. 

Project monitoring

After design is agreed, we will make it happen! We will do all the hard work and make your garden as beautiful as it is in your dream.